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Sri Mookambika Temple Kollur

<font size="3">As per the ancient Scriptures and inscriptions,along with other proofs found in the locality,it is clear that kollur Mookambika Temple has been a abode of Devi Shakthis worship for centuries.In an ancient Inscription found here,the source of the shakthi has been described.Shree Mookambika Devi in the form of Linga Adishakthi,the creator and protector of all forms of life.Many of the local Kings have given lots of donations to this Temple.Prominent among them are the kings of the Keladi Dynasty.They have been offering a variety of worships to the Goddess.Prominent Kings of the keladi Dynasty,Sankanna Nayaka and Shivappa Nayaka had renovated the temple and gave donations for the maintainence of the temple.The kings of the keladi Nayak Dynasty had belived that the Goddess is the symbol of victory.As such whenever they would win a war or drive away thier enemies they were devoting the victory and celebrating.</font><div><div><br></div><div><br></div></div>